Poetry Madness

Photo by g_kat26, Flickr CC

Ed DeCaria at the children’s poetry blog, Think Kid, Think, is hosting a unique version of madness unrelated to basketball. It’s a poetry competition designed like the NCAA tournament, with brackets and all that. Poets are assigned a word and given 36 hours to write a poem containing the word.

My word is abetted. I’m up against a librarian/poet who, as of this writing, is beating me. But that’s OK, because with more than 24 hours left of voting, anything can happen — it is, after all, Poetry Madness.

Here’s the link to my match-up, in case you want to vote. (Yes! Vote!)

And here’s my poem.

Mist’s Deed
by Stephanie Parsley

Mist abetted Cloud in masking Moon–
keeping Cow from jumping over Moon anytime soon,
making Little Dog cry and howl a dark tune,
and thwarting the exit of Dish and Spoon.
Finally, Cow jumped, belated,
Little Dog laughed, elated,
Dish and Spoon fled, as fated–
with all glad they’d waited ’til Mist had abated.


While my daughter was at piano …

Photo by NezTez, Flickr Creative Commons
Shoe Shopping
Why can’t
new shoes choose
me, like my old dog 
at the pound: come press
against my shins?
Silver sandals smirk
at my shabby
loafers; plum pumps sigh
as I pass. So many puzzles
here: Do red flats go
with jeans? Do canvas stripes
go with me? Who
buys such dangerous
wedges? I try nothing 
on. Next door: solace 
at the office supply. Here 
are pens: time-tested Bics, 
retractable PaperMates, 
a new model called InkJoy 
tied to a string
for sampling. Green
rollerball claims
me with gloss
body, soft grip, fat
physiqueIn the streetlight,
I open it, draw spirals
on my sole, smell
the tip. Later, I use
it to write
a poem.
It fits.
Stephanie Parsley
February 21, 2012