Art Arises From the Ordinary

Winter squash bread. Photo by: Stephanie Parsley.

My highly poetic friend, Nancy Bo Flood, wrote an impromptu Hello poem last week to our online critique group. With Nancy’s nudging, others replied with their own Hello poems, really just a quick glimpse into their lives at that moment. These were fun to read. Here’s a word-photo of my weekend trip home to North Texas … and then back to the big city. Thanks, Nancy, for the creative inspiration!

Home calls,
but when I get here:
couch, rugs, halls
all dust and dog hair.

Wash and vacuum,
good enough,
skip the bathrooms,
get Christmas up.

Snuggle warm,
bask in glowing
’til Sunday morning’s
goodbye, going.

Try one! Pause and take a word picture of what you are doing, thinking, feeling. Then send it to a few friends and encourage them to share their own. Art arises from the ordinary.