Banana Apology

To the bananas:
I am sorry.
You endured pesticide
Premature picking
A sticker: SUPERFOOD!
Refrigerated transport
Inspection, selection
Arrangement under
Fondling then
Separation from your siblings
Not to mention
Placement in a green bag
Next to three sweaty yogurts
And a hot car ride
To get to the blue ceramic bowl
Of my kitchen
Where you sat
At first perfect yellow
With hints of green
Then a black spot appearing
And another and more
And now you’ve turned.

I was going to make banana bread
(They always say that)
But I’ve eaten all the pecans
And I’m out of milk
And you are oozing.
So it is with some
Regret and much
Guilt that I place
You into the compost bin.
Again, I am really


Stephanie Parsley